Gramya Manthan

Early Deadline: April 09, 2017

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Gramya Manthan is a nine day rural immersion journey with 30 passionate changeagents. After five summer editions of Gramya Manthan that happened in villages of Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh, last year we launched winter edition of Gramya Manthan in villages near Ahmadabad, Gujarat in collaboration with Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust, Safai Vidyalaya and ESI.  From years to come we are planning to do two editions of Gramya Manthan: Winter Edition and Summer Edition.

The upcoming summer edition of Gramya Manthan shall be from 17th June to 25th June, 2017 and will happen in villages near Kanpur, U.P.

The journey is an exercise in coming closer to our inner-self by moving far from our comfort zone and in delving deep into our conscience by being part of a different reality. During the course of nine rigorous days, we understand with empathy the life of the village, often staying with local communities. This goes hand-in-hand with workshops, discussions and activities aimed at nourishing empathy and facilitating reflection. This is also done by offering ourselves to the service of the villages.

The program aims at developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us by practising shift in our perspective, that is by practising empathy. This is nurtured by  bridging the rural-urban divide and creating a space to observe, understand and learn the diverse realities of India. The idea is also to bring ourselves in sync with the complex actualities of rural life, thus allowing ourselves a platform where we at least begin to think on pertinent issues and  try to break away from our preconceived notions which thrive on populist knowledge.

Over the years, the program has evolved into a journey which strives to be an exercise in rural immersion, empathy, reflection, service & exploration. We at Youth Alliance hope Gramya Manthan helps bring about a new understanding & a new community of friends for changeagents post-program.


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