Vision:  Youth Alliance aims to nurture empathic leaders who apply their head, heart and hands to understand the world and drive change.

Mission:  We aim to build a movement of young leaders equipped to meet India’s problems by designing processes to identify and nurture young individuals with a spark to think innovatively for the larger social good. We do this by conducting programs where they get experiential exposure in both urban and rural space to identify their passion.

They interact with potential mentors and like-minded people; connecting them by leveraging technology and existing networks with focus on non-metro cities where such exposure, if present, is very limited.


Our Programs :

Gramya Manthan :  Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) aims at bridging the gap between India and Bharat. It selects  50 most amazing hearts from the country and take them on a rural exploration. The idea is to make youngsters realize the pressing issues of our country, that shall  help them understand the problems of our villages and execute solutions during the course of program. Read more..

Lead The Change :  Lead the Change is our leadership program in the urban space that aims at bringing together passionate college youth and giving them a platform for experiential learning. It is a six week program that consists of leadership forums, organisational visits, discussions, rural immersion as well as enterprise development. Read more..

ONUS : ONUS aims to transform universities into breeding grounds for empathic leaders who apply their Head, Heart and Hands to drive change and solve India’s myriad problems. In a one year engagement, we work with a cohort of 25 students in each college. Read more..