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 We felt it was important that the reader make sense of the cost and fee structure of ONUS and hence we have described it in the following:

Highlights of ONUS

The year-long program of ONUS includes a variety of experiences and methods that draws out the inherent potential of an individual.

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Major Cost Components

Putting together all the different parts of this whole incurs significant cost which has following components.

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ONUS is organised in 2 centers in Delhi, Hindu and Jesus & Mary College but is open to students from all colleges. We are looking for 25 participants at each center.

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We knew that ONUS has a lot of value and is hugely worthwhile investment of time and money, but we felt the need to make it accessible to all and minimize the barrier of  finances. So we managed to raise three important grants that have subsidized the cost significantly.

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Total Fees (after grant)

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Scholarship Options

In order to further make ONUS accessible to all, irrespective of financial affordability, we also offer scholarships to applicants who need it. Scholarships are completely need based and not merit-based. This means we will mutually decide scholarships for you, it will be based on your non-affordability for the same.

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Installment Options

You could also chose to pay the fee in installments. The installment option will be applied over the scholarship option you chose. During the Engagement Process, after you apply the team will discuss with you about this.

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If there are any doubts with regard to Contribution Fees, please drop an email to [email protected] We would love to resolve them.
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