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  1. Where will the ONUS program take place?

The entire program is going to take place in Delhi and is hence open to people from Delhi-NCR region only.

  1. I am not from Hindu and JMC, can I still apply?


  1. Is there any eligibility-criterion (age and qualification) and who can apply?

Applicants must fall under one of the two criteria:

  • Should be a under-graduate or post graduate college student


  • Is in the age group 17-23.

We are looking for people, passionate and persevering individuals who can think innovatively and are willing to be part of constructive force rather than disruptive force.

  1. Why is there a fee for the program?

Refer to this page http://youthallianceofindia.org/onus/fees/ for all details regarding fees.

  1. What are steps in the application process?

Here are the stages of application process to join ONUS 2015-16:

  • Application Form
  • Short Informative Call
  • Personal Interaction (preferably in college)
  • Invitation to ONUS
  • Contribution Fees Deposit
  • Joining
  1. What will be the medium of communication during the application process?

The primary medium of communication will be through e-mail. So be active on your email and make sure it’s written correctly in the form. Although in some cases you may get a call or text message also.

  1. What is the application deadline for ONUS 2015-16? Why are there two deadlines?

The first deadline for the program is 31 July. After July 31st, the further process of application begins. The final deadline is August 15th, 2015 after which the applications for the program close.  Applicants applying before the first deadline will have a increased chance of getting into the program.

  1. I have already applied but did not get any confirmation?

Thank You for applying for the program, you will hear back from us within 2 working days acknowledging the receipt of your application. The telephonic interaction will happen later.

  1. Can I join ONUS midway?

No. ONUS runs as a year long journey which would not make sense if you join in the middle. Hence, we do not allow participants to do that.

  1. What are the things to keep in mind while filling the form for ONUS?
  • Be authentic and natural
  • Use the essays in the form to be window to your life, thoughts and actions. Be crisp and meaningful.
  • Read Youth Alliance’s website and all about ONUS before applying.
  • Although we ensure that language and writing skills do not forma barrier to developing our understanding of the candidate, yet a neatly written well structured answer does convey more meaning.
  1. Can I miss a few sessions?

No. All sessions are compulsory and attendance is non-negotiable. The program has a rhythm and being in the sessions and other activities of the program, ensures an enriching experience for the participant.

  1. What shall be the venues for the sessions?

The venues for all sessions of the program (except the excursions) will be in Delhi. A lot of them will be in Hindu and JMC. But the idea is to learn from the city of Delhi, so visits and forum will span different locations in Delhi.

  1. What kind of commitment do I need to give for ONUS?

The structure of ONUS has been designed keeping in mind the time commitments of college going students. So all activities are kept after the college hours or on holidays. Generally it would mean, 3 hours commitment for 3 days a week. Residential weekends and excursions excluded.

  1. I am highly interested in working with Youth Alliance but I am not resident in Delhi. What should I do?

You may not be  able to join ONUS, but there are two other programs where you can join this community. One of them is Gramya Manthan and other is Change Festival. You can write us to [email protected], we will keep you updated about possible engagements.

  1. Whom should I contact to know more about ONUS or Youth Alliance.

You may write us [email protected] call us at +91-9873427669/9811132709.

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