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ONUS is a year-long program of Youth Alliance to nurture empathic leaders who serve the world in a way that makes them come alive. Leaders who are on a journey of identifying their purpose, are values-driven and possess life skills required for the challenges of the 21st century. It is offered for young people in colleges in Delhi  in tandem with the academic session. The next cohort shall begin from August 2015 till July 2016.In a nutshell, ONUS focuses on the following four-fold aspects:
Identifying one’s purpose

‘What is the purpose of my life?’ As we run the mad race, we never ask ourselves this question. But if we keep asking and making choices on the basis of that, it brings development on all fronts, personal, professional, social and spiritual. At ONUS, we facilitate you on the journey of identifying your purpose.

21st Century Skills

ONUS focuses on skills that are required to face the challenges of 21st century. These include creativity, collaboration and communication among others.

Serving the World

The focus is not how much can we consume, but on how much can we contribute to make the world a better place for all beings. It is not just about doing social work but contributing meaningfully in all fields be it engineering, politics, literature etc.

Empathic Leadership

Empathic Leadership is based on understanding and relating to the needs of the communities, customers and all stakeholders. It means not just being in the front for others to follow, but to take everybody together and become an instrument for the larger purpose.

ONUS  is a journey of exploring the self, experiencing different realities of the world, experimenting on ground and evolving to create more meaning in one’s life.  This is done through a multi-dimensional curriculum that includes various workshops, sessions, leadership forums, excursions, community projects, field visits and personal mentoring.
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