The Motive Behind ONUS

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We believe that social consciousness has been evolved to a great extent in today’s youth coupled with immense energy to bring about a positive change. But there are limited spaces in the college ecosystem that offer a space to channelize this energy in the right direction. Keeping this in mind, Youth Alliance proudly introduces Onus, an exploration-cum-leadership program of the youth, by the youth and for the youth. It is a one year long transformational journey designed for the college students with the following intentions:

  1. To nurture ethical and empathic leadership within young individuals
  2. To help the college students explore and realize their unique passion and potential
  3. To promote a culture of change-making in the college ecosystem
  4. To develop a space for holistic development of each individual
  5. To provide the college students with basic life skills and necessary support required to create a positive impact on the society

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