Today, for the sake of the knowledge that life comes from between our legs, and that life costs blood, we at ONUS, Youth Alliance along with GOONJ take a pledge to eliminate the evil myths regarding menstruation that play in the shadow of our hearts. We are fighting against the fact that sanitary pads are still sold like a wrapped bomb, that girls still stand outside religious places whilst they are menstruating, the fact that today, only 7% of women have access to sanitary napkins and other numerous taboos related to menstruation.

Goonj’s campaign, NOT JUST A PIECEOF CLOTH (NJPC) brings to you, #Five days of DIGNITY which is majorly centered at two colleges- Hindu and JMC. Our initiative will involve sensitive street plays, a stimulation drive where we will make sanitary napkins in our college campuses, talk shows with eminent personalities and street interviews to reach out to the sensitivity regarding menstruation. We aim to start slow but make it big. We vouch to make a change; do you care to be the change? Please be the support we are seeking. Join us in our campaign.

Dates: Nov 3,4,5

Details of the events coming soon !!!

Our five days are our dignity. What are your five days like?