Here are some questions that you might need answers to.

1.Where and when will the program take place?

The entire program is going to take place in Delhi and is hence open to the NCR region only. It’s a 8 week program between February 7th, 2014 and 6th April, 2014.

2.What is the application deadline for Lead The Change Spring 2014 ? Why are there two deadlines?

The First deadline for the program is 15th December, which essentially means after December 15th the selection process commences on a rolling basis. The final deadline is January 26 , 2014 after which the applications for the program close.  Applicants applying before the first deadline will have a increased chance of getting selected for the program.

3. I have already applied but did not get any confirmation?

Thank You for applying for the program, you will hear back from us within 3-4 working days acknowledging the receipt of your application. The telephonic interaction will happen later.

4. Is there any eligibility-criterion (age and qualification) and who can apply?

No there is no eligibility criterion for the program. We are looking for people young at heart, passionate and persevering individuals who can think innovatively and are willing to be part of constructive force rather than disruptive force.

 5. Why are the essays important?

Essays are your chance to tell about yourself in your own words. Please spend time thinking about how you will answer your questions and learn about Youth Alliance – by talking to staff members, reading our website etc. Be honest and genuine in your answers, we respect that.

Although we ensure that language and writing skills do not form a barrier to developing our understanding of the candidate, yet a neatly written well structured answer does convey more meaning.

Also make sure you answer to the questions fully.

6. What is the selection process?

The selection process has three stages:

Step 1: Online Application Form
Step 2: Telephonic Interview
Step 3: Face to Face Interview

In case, we call you and is not picked up, we will make two attempts, after which a mail and sms will be dropped to you. Make sure you respond to these, to further your application process, otherwise your application is liable to be rejected.

7.  How will I be communicated if I am selected?

All selected candidates will be communicated through email.

8.  Will I be communicated if I am not selected?

Not immediately. But after we complete the selection process, we will send you an email with some further opportunities of engagement with Youth Alliance and elsewhere.

 9.  How many and where the residential weekends take place?

There are three residential weekends. One in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the conclusion. The first and the last will be in Delhi, the second residential weekend will be in the villages near Kanpur where Youth Alliance is working.

10.  Can I miss a few sessions?

No. All sessions are compulsory and attendance is non-negotiable. The program has a rhythm and being in the sessions and other activities of the program, ensures an enriching experience for the participant.

11. What shall be the venues for the sessions?

The venues for all sessions of the program (except rural immersion) will be in Delhi. We keep changing venues to keep the monotony of physical ecosystem at bay.

12. What kind of commitment do I need to give for the program?

The structure of Lead the Change has been designed keeping in mind the time commitments of college going students and young corporate professionals. LTC requires an 8 week engagement, with 2 hours (4-6pm) sessions on Mondays & Thursdays and full day session (10am-6pm) on Saturdays. There are 3 residential weekends. You will be working on ground for 6 weeks either setting up your own enterprise, or strengthening an existing organisation or working for pre-determined time-bound projects.

 13. I am highly interested to join Lead The Change, but the fees for the program is little too much for me. What should I do?

The fees that we are charging is about 50 % of the actual cost, we raise the rest of the amount for you. We respect if there are genuine reasons, and we urge you to push yourself to raise funds for this learning journey of yours. However, we offer scholarship on the basis of need and background of the candidate.

 14. I am highly interested in working with Youth Alliance but I am not resident in Delhi. What should I do?

You may not be  able to join Lead The Change, but we have another program which is a national program, you may apply for it. You can write us to [email protected], we will keep you updated about possible engagements.

 15.  Whom should I contact to know more about Lead The Change or Youth Alliance.

You may write us to [email protected][email protected] or call us at +91-7827540546/+91-9873427669.