Our Changeagents

Brijesh Prasad (H) Final Yr, College of Vocational Studies (CVS)
My idea of Change is to bring Education to every child & provide them not just with bookish knowledge but also life skills & ethics.
LTC Program has reshaped my thinking & helped me change my brief outlined life goal plan to a detailed process with each step defined thanks to the exposure LTC has provided.

Saharsh Agarwal

Course: B.Com (Honors),College: Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University
Idea of Change: Through social entrepreneurship where the underprivileged sections of the society learn to live hand to mouth.
Lead the channge has been a totally new experience for me. The learning and the knowledge that I’ve gained from the programme has been priceless. The sessions with renowned social activists and their personal experience and insight has been motivating.

Mithilesh Gupta

Qualification – Bsc Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism (2010)
College – International School of Business and Media – Kolkata

Lead The Change (LTC) Program not only taught me the ‘Ideal Being’ of an individual, but also inculcated in me the confidence, leadership qualities and ideologies which will help in every walk of my life.”

Bhagyashree Baruah

Course :  B.A. Honours(Political Science) College : Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University
My idea of change is ‘myself’, i.e. change cannot be brought about by advicing others , instead we ourselves have to work for it. The LTC experience has been really wonderful so far, I have been exposed to things I had never learnt before. I feel really lucky to be a part of youth alliance.

Aamir Ghai

B.E (Electronics and communication) from NSIT
Lead the change experience has been very enlightening experience till now. I have learnt a lot about so many things which i had no idea of .. like about education , human traficking and various others.

Idea of change : I have realised that all the problems , issues we are talking about , all are somewhat interconnected, so in order to bring a change in the society , i believe all the problems need to be tackled simultaneously.

Prahlad Kumar Patel

Postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication

Idea of Change :  With a basic understanding on key social issues and burning passion to bring change in grass-roots level I want to set up knowledge resource centers in villages for  young people, adding extracurricular activities as important part of their education and helping them to develop various skills thus enriching culture of lifelong learning.

Vibhor Gupta

Engineering graduate from NSIT and presently working as a Software Engineer with Pitney Bowes
Idea of change :  I  aim to create sustainable employment generating ventures which can employ and provide a dignified life to many. I would also like to work towards elevating the status of women and eliminating other social evils/mindset prevalent in the society. I believe in action oriented approach and feel its time to that we the youth of the nation to start working on ground and not just be confined to thinking/discussing. Its time for The Doers to take a step ahead of the The Thinkers.

Kshitij Gaur

Pursuing Btech from ABES IT  Ghaziabad.

I want to bring change by generating livelihood for underprivileged section of the society.
So far I have learnt from LTC program :-
1) What may the circumstances be nothing can make you back off if you are determined enough to achieve your goal.
2)Don’t get stuck with planning, Take a step forward…
3) Explore as much as you can as learning lies in it.

Shashank Kalra

B.Com (H) from Hindu College, University of Delhi.

My idea of change: Tapping India’s huge human resource by imparting Quality education to all (not just formal  learning but focused on holistic development of a child)
Lead the Change has facilitated me to meet such leaders who have defied logic to show ways and set trends all for the benefit of the society. They have worked the unworkable. Looking at them, the way they think inspires me to think out of the box, go beyond the norms in whatever I do.

Manisha Dutta

Pursuing B.A. English Honours, 2nd year, Lady Shri Ram College

Lead the change : It sensitized  me towards multiple issues and connected me to some of India’s esteemed social leaders. What amazed me more was that it is a platform where we could evolve our own vision and create a plan of change with like minded changeagents.

Idea of Change : My vision of change centers around the health of women in rural areas.  I wish to empower women to take their own decisions regarding what is best for their family health so that the health and hygeine level of the community is maintained by the strong team of women.

Seema Garg

Pursuing BBS, Ist Year, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies,Delhi University

Lead the change : This program sensitised me towards lot of issues like human traficking, education , human dignity etc. and gave me an opportunity to meet with social leaders who have set up their  models to bring changes in society.

Idea of change  :  I believe try and fix the small things and then the big things will themselves fit into the picture and start from yourself . and be in the process of “Learn ,unlearn and relearn”