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“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

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Lead the Change begins with a 8 week program which takes 40 passionate individuals on a rigorous journey to explore themselves inside-out, to internalise the challenges of the country through hands-on exposure. They hone their leadership skills by learning from role models and experts in the social  development domain and employ design thinking to undertake a time bound social action.There is a strong focus on deep self-awareness and starting the process from within.

Impact of Lead The Change

We focus on the issues of education, women empowerment, human dignity, rural development, policy, environment and enterprise led development. We have leaders of the likes  Mr. Anshu Gupta ( founder : Goonj), Shaheen Mistry ( CEO- Teach for India), Deep Joshi ( Founder Pradaan), Pramath Raj Sinha ( Founder ISB) who inspire participants during the leadership forums.

Beyond the program, we help participants build their social enterprise by connecting them with mentors and helping them build a team.

Six Reasons why YOU should join Lead the Change

1. Move out from arm-chair discussions and experience ground realities.

Through the first six weeks you will get experiential knowledge of diverse set of issues  in the country as well as study the models to solve these problems

2. Explore yourself inside-out

This will be a space where you deep dive within your being and explore who you really are. This will be done through constant reflections, introspections,as well as on-ground social action.

3.Learn from the journeys of pioneers of social change

You get the opportunity to sit in an almost one-to-one discussion with the role models and extract your set learning from their journeys. This shall help you draw parallels in your life and learn what does it take to create sustainable solutions

4.A platform to connect with like minded people.

To have a platform where you can find like minded people from diverse fields to team up/ discuss/ debate/ come up with action-oriented solutions and carry them out.

5.Get a hands-on experience in building enterprises and exploring alternative career choices

To develop the ability to seek holistic long term systemic solutions and explore alternative career choices.To challenge and enrich yourself by working closely with an organization or achieving the objectives of a time-bound enterprise or setting one of your own.

6.Setting up a personal vision and finding a mentor

To have a personal vision and a roadmap to strengthen this vision and translate it into action.To have the right guidance and support through mentors who will guide you for the first few years of your endeavours, to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

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Impact of Lead The Change

Out of total 90 youngsters, we have worked with in the last four versions of LTC, 11 of our fellows  have joined development space full-time, 7 initiatives have come up, 14 Changeagents went on to join social organisations part-time, another 8 have been leading in different ways in their own colleges.
  • 100 % of our participants believe that the program deepened their self-awareness and their understanding of the complex issues around them.
  • 70% of our participants believe that the program affected their decision with to their career choices.
  • 100% of them believe that they got a genuine space to share themselves due to the program.
  • Most of them felt that Lead the Change helped them become self-directed learners.
Read more about our impact here.
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