Testimonials from our Mentors:

Anshu Gupta, Goonj Foundation
It is because of the honesty and commitment of the team of Youth Alliance they have been able to get such role models to interact and mentor a group of 20-30 youngsters whose profiling is not done and stated explicitly.

Dev Tayde, Indicorps Fellowship
Youth Alliance discovers the seed of systemic social change in youngsters at the most impressionable age of college and nurtures it to make it an all season and enhances the chances of not striking the mortality of its saplings.


Testimonials from the participants of our programs:

Shashank Kalra, Participant, Lead the Change-Spring 2012 – “‘LTC for me came like a breath of fresh air; running the rat race as I was, it offered me opportunities to look at things around with a new perspective, making me a ‘changeagent’ from a mere victim! Service based leadership & enterprise are two important aspects, LTC has nurtured in me.”

Manoranjan Dev, Participant of Gramya Manthan 2012- “It gave me a good opportunity to explore the solution for the ever growing problems in Rural India. Meeting the diverse team which comes from such diverse backgrounds but still shares a common passion for social impact. The 10-day program lead to the inner journey and the inner transformation by activities like life mapping sessions and discussions on value system and systemic thinking.”

Abhilasha, Participant, Lead the Change-Fall 2013 – “LTC helped me to expand my horizons and knowledge base by giving me a platform to meet different leaders, brainstorming ideas for social change with like-minded team, and by introducing to various social models in visits to make us acquainted with the practical aspects. It also led to my personal growth as it increased my confidence, helped me in recognizing my strengths and weaknesses and aligning them to achieve my life’s vision and a lot of food for thought. ”

Hardeep, Participant of Lead the Change-Spring 2013 – “Youth Alliance is not just a platform, its the ground which nourishes the seeds of self transformation, helping one to grow. One of the best programs I have come across where the youth gets involved and takes a closer, hand-on experience of working closer to social issues and at grass root level, starting from self.”

Priyanka Bhatti, Participant of Lead the Change-Spring 2013 – More than anything else, LTC spring’13 has been a very good platform for me to explore myself more, the ability to question the wrong, and the space to share things. It has given me the courage to expand my horizons and brought me more closer to the people I love the most (parents), with whom I needed to discuss and share the things that were not shared uptil now and are very important to be taken good care of. It has reinforced the sensitization element in me and explained me believe that nothing works in isolation. It is the systemic environment that we live in, and we’ll have to plan out our strategies of life accordingly.

LTC has served as a much awaited and required stepping stone in my conventional life that I was leading. It has broadened my perspectives to look at things. I hope it does wonders for others as well, and of course, I hope it grows manifold itself. 🙂