YA aims creating ripples of change by nurturing young leaders. They gain better understanding of themselves and the ecosystem through our programs and in their journey towards self-actualisation  they inturn impact their community. Abhilasha after LTC 2 got in touch with our mentors and teamed up with two YA members to start Kilkaari, a learning center in a village .She realized her dream while impacting 500 kids and 2,000 villagers. Thus, our direct impact is our alumni base and we intend 100% of our alumni to realize their potential and become ethical leaders in their chosen careers and 40% join development space by working in 10 cities AND 5 villages in the next 5 years impacting over 2 million people who shall be our indirect impact.

Youth Alliance in the last 2 years has closely engaged with college students and young professionals to facilitate them to translate their passion for social change into action. With 25 alumni initiatives & over 40 taking to non-conventional careers, we have been able to mobilize people to chose their passion as their career.

12 % of the participants have joined development space full time, 8 % have started their own social or commercial entrepreneurial venture.For example, Abhilasha started Kilkaari, a learning center in Tishti village, Manoranjan launched Ek Pahal in Nalanda Bihar. Subhash and Shashank started Swaraj Livelihood Center for alternative livelihoods in another UP village, Arpit has set up “Dawai Le Lo” in Varanasi, Prahlad has started UDAY Knowledge Center in Raipur, Chattisgarh. These are few examples of our alumni initiative who are impacting lives of people in different part of the country.