What is Gramya Manthan?

Early Deadline: April 09, 2017

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The program begins at 9 am on 17th June and ends at 6 pm on 25th June 2017. The essential structure of the nine days can be divided into six broad Heads:

1) Induction and Community
2) Foundations of Gramya Manthan
3) Village Immersion
4) Expanding the ‘I’
5) Service Learning
6) Reflection, Conclusion and Personal Narrative

# The Detailed Structure will also be available in Hindi soon.

The heads can be explained as follows:

Gramya Manthan Structure


What Happens After Gramya Manthan?

Gramya Manthan Structure-Part 02

The Post Program support also aims at helping participants passionate towards extrapolating their journey of change in phases of Ideation, Mentoring and Project Building. The ideas of the participating individuals can phase across different regions and space and don’t have to be limited to areas around Kanpur or Ahmadabad.


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