Why Gramya Manthan Exists?

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India lives in villages. This is one of the most common saying we have heard yet there are many among us who have not experienced village life & have various unfounded notions about it.

In a country where the local dialect is said to change every 11 kilometers, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to understand the true nature, values, ethos of a country as diverse and complex as India. Adding to it is the steep disconnect between the cities and villages, urban and rural people, their lifestyle, demography, culture, beliefs, institutions and life in general.

The seeds of Gramya Manthan were planted in 2012 with a realization of huge sense of disconnect between rural India and today’s youth. We strongly believe that young people wants to contribute but often finds it hard to figure out the right way to go about it. We feel that by exposing passionate young people to a different way of living and giving them an opportunity to understand rural lives, we can ignite the fire in their hearts. Keeping this in mind, Youth Alliance conceived Gramya Manthan in 2012 with the following purposes:

  1. To develop a sense of empathy and an ability to be able to feel and think from different perspectives, for a fuller understanding of reality.
  2. To change the outlook of young people towards challenges and privileges in rural India and enhance their skills and knowledge to understand and work with them.
  3. To nurture a community of social leaders and build a strong like-hearted and like-minded network.
  4. To provide the young with the ability to seek holistic and systemic long term solutions and provide them great alternate career choices
  5. To inspire action which further creates an attitudinal shift in the mindset of youth.

Core Values of Gramya Manthan

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