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Gramya Manthan 2014, 2013 and 2012

Over the years, participants have joined  the cohort from across the country, cutting across various boundaries of region and profession. Our previous participants have been students in engineering, designing, social work, professionals in the corporate, people working in the social development sector in various fields such as child labor, education, agriculture and more. Each year our journey was enriched when various mentors joined to share their stories which left us inspired. These are R.Elango (Ashoka Fellow working in Kuthambakkam of Chennai), Himashu Kumar (Organic Farmer), Anshu Gupta (Founder, Goonj), Ravi Gulati (Founder, Manzil) and Ramakrishna Nk (Founder, Rang De). Each year various one day projects like sanitation drives, education camp, livelihood project and study of energy and agricultural practices were taken up. Two projects, namely – Swaraj (a livelihood project) and Kilkaari (a learning centre for kids) were also initiated.


In last three year we have witnessed a shift in the mind-set of people we are working with. For Example in village Ganga Deen Nevada, due to family boundations and village culture, when in 2012 we were in the process of setting up the livelihood center Swaraj, it was hard for us to find two women who can travel outside their village to Delhi for training so as to come back and start working in the village but now nearly all of them have been to our center and have shown willingness to work. The family members are open towards women working outside their homes.

A shift in perspective was observed in participants post-Gramya Manthan. As Lakshya, a 2014 alumnus, says “It was honestly a 360 degree turn. When you are back to your roots, you see the depth of your origin and newness in life . It helped me create and then recreate myself.“ Another alumnus Aananth found it eye-opening to see villages with hardly any electricity supply. For many of us such simple observations meant realization of our privileges.



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