Gramya Manthan 2013

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 Changeagent Speak

“We both think that Gramya-Manthan program of Youth Alliance was a great experience to see the dynamics of our rural India. The program provided a kick-start to our journey as it gave us a space to do a dip-stick of how things would work in a rural set-up. One of the most important thing that Gramya-Manthan gave us was relationships, that will always be there with us in our journey, providing strength and motivation at every step.”

– Ridhi & Rahul | Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

There is a lot of conscious taking and lot of unconscious taking. As far as conscious taking is concerned, that I do feel that most of the people I met here are very real, very selfless and very loving. And there is a lot of gratitude that people feel for each other, and everyone just wants to make others happier. Patience is something which I learnt, and I think a lot of simplicity, in existence, in your demands from life. And I think, the meaning of ambition also tweaked a little for me. But more than that, the other learning will impinge on me and I will imbibe them slower because I have been thinking about it, all of us are in-fact, even when I go back to Delhi and even beyond that, this experience will be with me. Gramya Manthan, I always felt it is a journey more than a physical journey in space, its a journey in the mind, because each time we were exposed to ideas, and people who are extremely broad-minded and in a way off-beat.” 

– Medha | Dehradun, Uttarakhand

“YA made me experience the passion to transform the world and impact a billion lives . Moreover YA was almost always pro-action. We took oath to be responsible citizens of India, and I see my YA friends living that. We talked about integrity and every day at Gramya Manthan, as our family knit itself closer and stronger, I felt us living that integrity together. Gramya Manthan hasn’t just provided us answers, but emphasized our need to question everything around us. My experience in Ganga Deen Nevada with fellow village-mates will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Sitting under the majestic banyan tree watching the women of the village question themselves, believe in themselves, and emerge with answers, made me realize how intelligent we all inherently are – one extraordinary learning.”

– Karan | Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

“Gramya Manthan 2013 was a life changing experience I have ever had. It happened when I was looking exactly for a change in my career. This journey took me to unexplored areas in life so far and made me do things that I personally would never think of doing it alone by coming out of my comfort zone. This journey which I spent with likeminded people gave me more time to understand about myself.”

– Neel | Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

“Days at Gramya Manthan made me learn that I could not have in years to come, had I not been a part of it. I learned, unlearned there, my constructions are dismantled. Ecology around was perfect, right people the kinds I always wanted to meet and know, different questions, different motives, the inquisitive minds…This was a perfect setting for me to know myself and the material inadequacy could hardly make any difference to my satisfaction levels. Thanks to Youth Alliance. I realized that one thing amidst all this which is actually the base of this perfect setting is the value system of Youth Alliance, which was underlying all the processes at Gramya Manthan. The base structure of the values is strong, tested and have undoubted foundations that can uphold any superstructure of an individual, of a society, of a nation, of the world.
– Kirti | Student | Delhi University

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