Gramya Manthan 2012

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Changeagent Speak

“I can say Gramya Manthan was one of the turning points of my life. I can see a huge change in myself in many dimensions. Most important is that I started to see a strong sense of possibility in everything. I started to believe in myself & my ideas. I feel that before YA I was somewhere losing my originality in this world. I met some of the most amazing people in my life here. I wonder sometimes when I look back at my life & see its impact. It’s just wow”

-Manoranjan | Nalanda, Bihar
Engineering Student | IIT Kanpur

 “Gramya Manthan created a space for me where I met people with whom I could share my fears and challenges.  Having interacted with some wonderful people helped me greatly in gaining self confidence and belief to go ahead with what I believe in. The beauty is that the transformative experiences were not limited only to the GM 1 but they continued even post that and I feel grateful for that! “

– Tejal | Mumbai, Maharashtra
Works with Don Bosco Balprafulta

 “Gramya Manthan helped me explore the other side of India by giving me an opportunity to experience the life of people in the Rural areas. Youth Alliance  has provided me a much needed direction and confidence to leave a corporate job and pursue what I really want to do in my life.”

– Vivek | Delhi
Systems Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services

 “Gramya Manthan happened at the right point of time in my life. Some of the core values which I hold close to my heart now & forever trace their roots back to Youth Alliance. I learnt what it is to ‘work for people’ and ‘work with people’ means. The environment helped me cultivate the habit to think and reflect. Above all it brought out the true Me from within. The churning within me which started during GM still continues.”

– Sudha | Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Sustainable Development Student | TERI University

“While working in Gramya Manthan(GM), I learnt the importance of introspecting the ground conditions in their realistic form and then forming some sort of judgement, looking for its pros and cons, dry run of the solution structure and then finally implementing it but its acceptance by the village people being a prerequisite. On personal level, Youth Alliance helped me to explore my inner strength, which lies in my thought process in special reference with rural India. Being from a village, I never really pondered about the hardships in the village because they are not really the hardships. It’s just a perspective of watching things and making a comparison with more developed places in terms of facilities and infrastructure. And working in GM challenged my older perspective and helped me to form a whole new concept of rural India and urban India. “

– Arvinder | Uttarakhand
Geology Student | Delhi University

” Youth Alliance played a great role in building up inner confidence in myself to go ahead and perform what I visioned for myself. It helped me interact with similar people and make me comprehend closely and reflect upon various practicalities of life in a broader sense.”

– Praneet | Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Engineering Student | IIT Madras

“Gramya Manthan was one of the best times of my life. It was a place of introspection and self realization. We got to meet people from different walks of life, shared and learned experiences of their journey. The best thing YA has provided me is the big bunch of enthusiastic team, which gives the courage to keep walking on the chosen path without any fear as you know that there is a team behind you to always support and encourage you.”

– Arpit | Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Engineering Student | DR Knmiet Modinagar

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