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Early Deadline: April 09, 2017

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Selection Through Engagement

The process of inviting a participant to the program, is more akin to a matchmaking than a process of selection or rejection. In it we attempt to engage with you, sharing our part of the story with a curiosity to know yours. Through this process we not only ensure compatibility and commitment from both sides but also derive essential inputs that shall help us customize according to you, rather than a one fit all criterion.

Criteria for Selection 

A very wise man once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. That is the philosophy of every program that we conduct here at Youth Alliance. So, regardless of who you are and where you come from, if there is a spark in you to make a difference in the world along with the willingness to start with the self, we welcome you to join us in this movement. We are not looking for your expertise in a particular issue, but your attitude while serving in the smallest of ways around you, your openness to new ideas and your willingness to push yourself on a bad day. We love simple ideas as much as crazy ones, academic knowledge as well as people who love hands-on learning – in short we invite your authentic selves to the program.

Our previous participants have been students in engineering, designing, social work, professionals in the corporate, people working in the social development sector in various fields such as child labor, education, agriculture and more.

Three steps in the engagement process

1) The Online Application : This forms the basis of our conversation going forward. Please feel free to write in Hindi, if that suits your expression better. Please do fill in all the questions, mentioning your doubts and confusions if you have any. You can apply here.

2) The Short Telephonic Conversation : This step is to make sure that you have understood the timings and conditions of the program, before we proceed to our conversations. This step may be skipped, depending on Gramya Manthan team.

3) The Final Telephonic Conversation : This is a crucial step in the entire engagement process where we get to know you better and clarify any deeper questions that you might have for us.


• Program is open to both Indian and International applicants.
• Participants in the age group of 18-30 years will be preferred. Applicants below or beyond these age limits will be duly considered on case-to-case basis.


• First Rolling Deadline: April 09, 2017
• Final Deadline: May 07, 2017
• The maximum number of participants that we can host is 30. Applications will close once we reach this count.


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