Fellowship opportunities within India.

Commutiny: Learning and Leadership Journey

The Commutiny Learning and Leadership Journey (LLJ) is a yearlong programme for young people. It offers them opportunities for intensive personal learning and reflection combined with an opportunity to lead an independent social change experiment. The participants of the LLJ (we call them Commutineers) are offered support to strengthen their passion for creating a better world, undergo personal transformation and lead social change through community engagement. The participants gain opportunities to work closely with other young change-leaders and be navigated by experienced professionals from the field.

Deshpande Sandbox Fellowship

The Deshpande Fellowship Program is currently accepting applications for its next cohort of fellows. The fellowship consists of a seven-month program geared towards providing a budding batch of social entrepreneurs with the skills they need to create positive change in society. This unique opportunity grants fellows a hands-on learning experience in matters relating to existing best practices, leading social change models, as well as opportunities to interact with successful social innovators. Applicants can be from any part of India, but must be prepared to stay in the “Sandbox (Hubli)” for the duration of the fellowship.

Gandhi Fellowship

Gandhi Fellowship is an intense 24-month youth leadership development program that helps talented young people to develop the skills to cause positive, exponential and lasting change in society. By taking on real challenges and solving live problems that exist in India, Gandhi Fellows learn the generic skills that will empower them to lead change on a wide range of issues in varied sectors. In the process the Fellows will discover themselves – what they are passionate about, what they want to do with their lives and how to go about converting their private dreams into public reality. This intense personal change process will, hopefully help them become the next generation change leaders, thus enabling them to realize their potential and cause sustainable and systemic change.

Grassroutes Fellowship

Grassroutes is a fellowship for urban educated youth to spend a summer working with change-makers and social entrepreneurs, who are creating sustainable, significant impact in different parts of the country. During their stay, the fellows work on a pre-defined project and in addition, don the role of social journalists – researching, understanding and capturing unheard stories from the grassroots – of people, places, challenges, solutions, hope and above all, the impact that individuals can create.

ICICI Fellowship

In each and every sector, India needs talented young leaders who have had deep exposure to India’s broader realities, who understand the challenges and opportunities presented in diverse environments, and who have the skills and determination to discover and implement innovative ideas in these areas.

ICICI Fellows is a pioneering leadership programme that nurtures young talent to create a cadre of socially responsible leaders for India. This transformative two-year programme focuses on experiential learning. Fellows spend two years working on grassroots development projects with NGOs, interspersed with modules on management training and leadership development. The entire experience provides Fellows with knowledge, insight and commitment to inclusive growth.

Upon completion the Fellows are equipped to take leadership positions across all sectors – private, government and civil society – to help India ‘take the bigger step’.

Indicorps – “Service for the Soul”

Indicorps is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-profit organization that encourages Indians around the world to actively participate in the progress of the country that defines their identity. Indicorps’ development-oriented programs are designed to build principled leadership, empower visionaries, inspire collective action, and unite India towards a common vision while creating opportunities for Indians and the Indian diaspora to serve India by applying their skills, time, and resources towards grassroots projects and sustainable strategies for change.

The core fellowship program aims to inspire a new generation of global Indian leaders through structured grassroots public service opportunities. Indicorps projects embody a firm and demonstrated commitment to promoting peace, inclusiveness, secularism, and the empowerment of India’s people.

Legislative Assistants for Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

The Legislative Assistants for Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship, an initiative conceptualised by PRS Legislative Research, targets exceptional young Indian citizens who are seeking opportunities to widen their understanding of the nature of politics and policy making in India. The fellowship provides invaluable exposure and serves as a launch pad for future careers in management, law, public policy, journalism. Each LAMP Fellow will be assigned to a Member of Parliament, and will support the MP in their Parliamentary duties.

Piramal Fellowship

The Piramal Fellowship for Sustainable Business is a two-year program that enables aspiring leaders with an opportunity to explore the power of business to do good, develop the tools to innovate business models, and participate in a community dedicated to the pursuit of social impact.

Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program

The Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) is at the heart of this business transformation agenda. Through the ALP, we aim to bring in a very select group of high-performing professionals who will take on very senior leadership roles across the organisation over the next few years.

SBI Youth For India

SBI Youth for India is a fellowship programme for outstanding young professionals and graduates, who are passionate about touching lives and seek to lead the change for a better India. You will work on projects with experienced NGOs in rural India and use your skills to catalyse development at the grass root level.

With about 70% of India’s population – approximately 700 million people – ‘Rural India’ can well be termed as the ‘Real India’. To make India’s growth story truly inclusive, it becomes imperative that the development challenges facing rural India are overcome.

Swades ki Khoj Rural Internship Program

Swades ki Khoj offers graduates under the age of 28 the opportunity to spend a year living and working in a rural area to discover rural India and themselves and to use their knowledge and skills to help transform someone else’s life.

The programme commences with a fortnight long foundation course at the Chirag training centre. The youth then go and join their host organisation where they will live and work for the next eleven months.  At the end of the year, the youth return to Chirag for a final workshop.  The areas that the participants can choose from are environmental regeneration, primary healthcare, primary education, and rural livelihoods.

Tata Jagriti Yatra

Tata Jagriti Yatra is an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth on an 18 day national odyssey. The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship.The vision of Jagriti is to inspire young Indians living in the middle of the Indian demographic diamond (Rs 40 – Rs 120 per day) to lead development by taking to enterprise. By doing so, they can turn from job seekers to job creators.

Teach For India

Teach For India is building the movement of leaders who will eliminate inequity in education. Our belief is that young people across this country can bring together the commitment, skills and values to address arguably India’s most pressing and complex challenge – the challenge of ensuring that every child attains an excellent education.

Over the past two years, TFI has placed 214 Fellows in some of the most under-served classrooms, and our aspiration is to scale this to 2000 Fellows over the next seven years. Our Fellows come from varied backgrounds – urban and rural, across states, from different fields of study. About 50% of them are recent college graduates and about 50% are young professionals. They join TFI and embark on the immense challenge of putting their students on a completely different life-path, working relentlessly to provide them with an education that will open up all choices to them.

Importantly, TFI does not stop at placing teachers in classrooms. It is developing its Fellows into leaders who will, through their lives, from across sectors, work tirelessly until every child has that excellent education. Our belief is that when this happens, our nation will transform unrecognizably.

The Youth Act Fellowship

The Youth Arts, Community and Transformation (ACT) Fellowship, is aimed at connecting the youth of India with the country’s craft-communities and rural-livelihoods. The month long fellowship includes an Orientation/training, a two-week rural project, and a week-long time period to compile the project for an exhibit.

Selected fellows are given the opportunity to travel to a craft cluster within India, and work towards strengthening the community through innovative solutions, and projects across disciplines – marketing, creative/product development, photography, technology-based teaching, pricing and accountancy, etc.

Villgro Fellowship

It is our firm belief that Rural India can be infused with prosperity if we spot, nurture and commercialize grass root innovations. This goal is very achievable if there were an army of talented minds who would invest their time in Rural India sifting, mentoring and moulding ideas into successful enterprises. The Villgro Fellowship Program aims to do exactly this.

Supported by Rockefeller Foundation, the Villgro Fellowship is a 10-month program designed to equip individuals who dare to help build a prosperous Rural India.

Youth Venture

Youth Venture enables young people to learn early on in life that they can lead social change. Ashoka developed the concept of Youth Venture from understanding a key insight of Ashoka Fellows in the field of youth development: one of the most effective ways to improve the lives of youth is to empower them to realize their own ability to make positive social change.

Youth Venture thus inspires and invests in teams of young people to start and lead their own social ventures, and is building a powerful network of young changemakers across the world.