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Welcome to the Official Page for Delhi Doodles.
It’s great to see your interest in Doodling for Delhi.

Themes:                                                                                                                                             Prizes:
Delhi Of My Dreams                                                                                             Weekend trip to Real Delhi
Delhi Of My Nightmares                                                                                    Cash Prizes worth Rs. 20000/-
🙂  🙁  🙂  🙁  🙂  🙁                                                                                                         Classmate Gift Hampers

With tests swooshing by every week, with results more feared than the Devil himself, with parents wanting us to be like the most “Aadarsh Bachcha” and we rocking it online with our music on full BLAST, it’s kinda hard to take out time and realize what’s happening around us. Keeping this in mind, we decided to give the future Superstars a chance to realize their potential and stand out of the crowd.

Now over to our Official Mascot, The Man of Wisdom, Pandit Changaswami. He’ll tell you in detail what Delhi Doodles is all about.



“There are two kinds of people in this world. One who act like they know everything but actually know nothing and the other who act like they know nothing and actually know nothing. And since nobody knows anything you, me and everyone is the same no matter how smart or dumb each one of us may seem.

With this thought, I would like to tell you a secret about DELHI DOODLES. This is not just a competition. I believe that every person is creative. And doodling for Delhi will help you measure your own Creative Quotient (CQ). All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps.”

It all starts with opening your mind and taking a look around your city.
HINT: The People. The Buildings. The Lifestyle. The Everything!

DREAM! With eyes wide open, dream about a city that YOU would want to live in.
HINT: Sometimes the dreams are beautiful and sometimes they aren’t.

Bottle up that dream and pour it out on a canvas of your choice.
HINT: There is no such thing as a wrong dream. So be ORIGINAL!

Click HERE to see how kids created the Delhi of their Dreams.