Change Festival

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An exploration and celebration of ideas and people driving change within college!

Celebration of small actions and experiments!

Change Festival is a celebration of the ideas/ experiments/ initiatives/start-ups carried out by young people. It creates a learning community by exploring and understanding individuals who are engaged in transformational experiments and strengthening them with multiple forms of capital. The focus however is dual; along with the intention to impact the outer world, it focuses on the inner transformation of doers.

In its first residential gathering of 120 people from across the country (3rd and 4th of April, 2015 in Delhi), it brings together all the stakeholders of a University Ecosystem be it students, alumni, parents, teachers, funders, decision makers and others, as one community. They, as a collective, envision a novel university ecosystem that encourages learning by doing & nurtures enterprises that bring about inner transformation within all those involved. It is also a space to celebrate the actions that are happening at college level.

So, if you’re one who aims to create positive change in the world and in the process, be transformed yourself, this is for you! You could have an idea waiting to be translated into action (or) an ongoing experiment/startup looking for collaborators; the purpose of Change Festival is to nurture your intended thought with an eco-system of inspired change-makers guided by the spirit of collaborative transformation. Anyone between the age group of 18-25 intending to co-create, build and envision ideas is encouraged to apply.

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