About Us


We are a group of committed citizens whose dream is of a nation whose youth  feel equipped with  skills to solve problems of their communities. A nation where taking initiative is the norm than an exception.

If we look at our nation, despite 3.5 million youngsters graduating in India every year, few have the privilege to explore  & develop skills for alternative career paths especially in the social development sector in their college years. Social entrepreneurship, despite the dire need, is a rare phenomenon. Due to this sheer lack of exposure the ability to take initiative to bring about change is frustrated in the youth and they are forced to take to conventional career paths. Youth Alliance intends to make the right exposure available to them at the right time so that enterprising youth can take an informed decision.

We make this possible through designing leadership programs and creating spaces where young people with a spark to create a change can start their exploration journey. They start from rediscovering their own self. They are  then exposed them to the various problems of the ecosystem to develop systemic thinking. During our programs youngsters interact with leaders in their chosen fields and potential mentors. Our aim is to nurture ethical leadership and social role models who can take the narrative of the country in a positive direction.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. –Margaret Mead

We intend to create such groups of thoughtful citizens throughout the country.


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Delhi Office: K-112, First Floor, B.K. Dutt Colony, Jor Bagh, Delhi – 110003

Kanpur Office:  404/25, Krishnapuri, Near Chapera Pulia, P.O.: Naveen Nagar, Kanpur-208025, U.P.